Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems


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Lausanne (VD)

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Type de formation

Hautes écoles universitaires HEU - Formation continue: formations longues

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En emploi

Thèmes de formation

Planification des travaux, aménagement du territoire

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Aménagement du territoire



Mise à jour 07.06.2022


Description de la formation


  • Comprehensive and global look at managing and governing urban infrastructure systems
  • Unique approach to cutting-edge strategies for managing and governing the transition from legacy to smart urban systems, and a thorough understanding of leading smart city projects worldwide
  • Professional skills for implementing systemic changes in your own city
  • Unique opportunity to learn about and critically discuss the experiences of selected global cities that participants will visit as part of their education.

Plan de la formation

Program structure:

  • Participants attend 5 two-week action-learning modules (out of 7-8) of their choice
  • Each module is preceeded by preparatory reading and concluded by critical self-reflection
  • Before entering the first module, participants successfully complete two massive open online courses (MOOCs):
    • Managing urban infrastructure systems
    • Smart cities
  • Participants write and defend a 60-page master thesis that concludes their studies

Modules take place approximately every other month in a major metropolitan area in Europe (Lyon, Dortmund, Moscow, St. Petersburg), the Americas (Mexico City, New York, Detroit), Africa (Kampala) and Asia (Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Seoul, Delhi).


Conditions d’admission

Master’s degree and five years of professional experience.

Groupe cible

  • Urban infrastructure managers from various sectors (transport, energy, housing, water, waste, green infrastructures, etc.)
  • Decision makers and public administrators
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups engaged in smart city projects
  • City officials and public administrators
  • Urban planners, architects, and engineers


CHF 20'000.-

This tuition fee does not cover the expenses for logistics. Each participant is responsible for organizing his or her transportation and accommodation.


  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS

MAS in Innovative governance of large urban systems (IGLUS)

Infos pratiques

Lieu / adresse

  • Lausanne (VD)

Déroulement temporel

Début des cours

Enrolment is possible anytime.

Durée de la formation

Participants must commit to 10 weeks of full-time attendance over a two-year period.

Modalités temporelles

  • En emploi

Langue d’enseignement

  • anglais


Renseignements / contact

Tel. +971 7 206 96 04,umut.tuncer@iglus.org