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Environmental governance and policy making


Geneva Graduate Institute

Lieu de formation

Genève (GE)

Langue d'enseignement


Type de formation

Hautes écoles universitaires HEU - Formation continue: formations longues

Modalités temporelles

À temps partiel

Thèmes de formation

Économie, sciences économiques - Environnement

Filières d'études

Économie politique - Sciences de l'environnement


7.616.44.0 -

Mise à jour 12.02.2021


Description de la formation


Sessions 1 and 2 (Certificate & Master): Global Environmental Governance, Food & Water, Climate Change & Energy

Session 3 (Master - online): Fundamentals of Global Governance

Session 4 (Master): Analysis and Tools for Decision-Making


Conditions d’admission

  • Selection is primarily based on candidates' professional experience and motivation

  • A bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 8 years’ full-time experience is highly recommended, participants typically range between 35 and 50 years of age

  • Proficiency in English is required


Senior executives and mid-career leaders from all sectors and backgrounds who want to

  • Make a positive contribution to some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges and leading-edge international debates
  • Reinvent their professional path and make a tangible impact
  • Easily navigate the complexities of environmental governance and manage multi-stakeholder settings.


Certificate: CHF 9'600.-
Master: CHF 22'000.-


  • Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS
  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS

Executive Master in Environmental Governance & Policy Making:
Certificate of Advanced Studies, 15 ECTS (requires successful completion of Sessions 1 & 2 assessments and final paper)
Diploma of Advanced Studies, 30 ECTS, (requires successful completion of Sessions 1,2,3 & 4 assessments and final paper).

This programme counts towards the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in International Strategy and Leadership

Infos pratiques

Lieu / adresse

  • Genève (GE)

Villa Barton - Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales et du Développement, Rue de Lausanne 132

Déroulement temporel

Début des cours

2021,dates to be announced shortly

Durée de la formation

Certificate: about 3 months
Certificate + Diploma: about 8 months

Modalités temporelles

  • À temps partiel

Langue d’enseignement

  • anglais


Renseignements / contact

Program Advisor
+41 (0)22 908 57 09