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Me connaître - Etape 1: J'identifie mes intérêts, points forts et attentes professionnelles

Professions et formations - Etape 2: J’explore le monde des professions et des formations

Qualités requises et conditions d'admission - Etape 3: Je compare mes points forts avec les qualités requises et les conditions d'admission des métiers

Stages - Etape 4: J’explore en détail les métiers qui m’intéressent le plus

Projet professionnel - Etape 5: J’évalue mes résultats et me décide pour une profession ou une formation

Apprentissage - école - Etape 6: Recherche d'une place d'apprentissage et / ou inscription à une école

Préparation - Etape 7: Je me prépare à ma formation en entreprise ou en école

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Business Administration – International Programme

Bachelor HES

Haute école spécialisée bernoise (HESB) > Département Gestion

Ajouté à myOrientation

Lieu de formation

Berne (BE)

Langue d'enseignement


Type de formation

Hautes écoles spécialisées HES

Modalités temporelles

À plein temps - À temps partiel

Thèmes de formation

Management, direction

Domaines d'études

Gestion d'entreprise, économie d'entreprise



Mise à jour 14.02.2020


Description de la formation

Business Administration has a broad scope. It covers areas such as internal and external corporate processes as well as other tasks and functions within a business organisation. The degree programme addresses current trends as well as introducing the future of business organisations alongside core subjects such as marketing, finance and accounting, controlling, human resources, production and logistics. Strategy and planning, corporate cultural and structural alignment and how companies can best shape and interact with their environment are other issues/themes addressed within the Business Administration degree programme.

In terms of application and content, business administration is a field that is continuously changing. Businesses and society are permanently engaged in a dynamic process of evolution. The intensity and speed of these changes and their complexity are immense/profound. Today, businesses find themselves under considerable (price/cost) pressure. Increased national and global competition has significantly increased the demands placed on businesses and their personnel, in particular at the management level.

You can select a field of specialisation for the final year of your degree programme. The Bachelor's thesis is a component of your specialisation. You will be expected to provide an academic discussion of a (usually practical) problem in your thesis.

Plan de la formation

Module Group
ECTS credits
Leadership and Organisation
Introduction to Business Administration
Introduction to Management and Organization Theory
Work and Organizational Psychology
Human Resource Management 1 + 2
Cross-Cultural Competency Development
Business Planning 1 + 2
International Management
Organizational Development
Accounting, Finance, Tax 24
Financial Accounting 1 + 2
Financial Management 1 + 2
Tax Law
Law, Economics, Public Management, Society
Law 1 - 4
Society, Economy, Politics
Micoreconomics 1 + 2
Macroeconomics 1 + 2
Political Processes
Business Ethics
Methods 27
Mathematics for Economic Analysis 1 + 2
Methods and Skills in Communication
Methods and Skills in Scientific Studies
Statistics 1 + 2
Problem-solving and Decisionmaking
Business Information Systems
Project Management

Social Research Methods

Business Information Systems
Business Information Systems 1 - 3  
Marketing and Communication
Marketing 1 - 4
Business English 1 + 2
Optional Modules
3 per module
Specialisations in English
3 per Major Modul
  • Banking & Finance
  • International Business Management
Bachelor-Thesis 12
Total 180


Conditions d’admission

Applicants with the following qualifications are eligible for direct admission to our degree programmes:


  • Vocational Baccalaureate with a (Swiss) Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET/EFZ ) in one of the related professions / fields or one year’s full-time work experience in one of the related professions/fields*
  • Gymnasial Baccalaureate plus one year’s full-time work experience in one of the related professions / fields*
  • Specialised Baccalaureate plus one year’s full-time work experience in one of the related professions / fields*
  • PET (professional education and training) college qualification witha Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET/EFZ) in one of the related professions / fields* or one year’s full-time work experience in one of the related professions / fields*

All other countries

Equivalent Swiss or foreign qualification (as per swissuniversities regulations) plus one year’s full-time work experience in one of the related  professions / fields*

* such as Retail specialist, Customer (and Public) Relations, Public transport planning and management, Information technology, Office clerk / Administrator

Command of English
Applicants must have a good command of English. BBA International Programme modules are taught in English. Students should not experience problems if they have at least a B2 level of English from their vocational qualification (‘Berufsmaturität’) or their higher education entrance qualification (‘gymnasiale Maturität’). For all interested students who have a non-Swiss educational background, we expect an English level of at least B2 and recommend a level of C1. Please refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( for details on language competence levels.

Lien sur l'admission


31 March.


Application / Matriculation: CHF 100.-

Fee per semester:
Tuition fee (excl. teaching materials): CHF 750.-
Tuition fee for international students*: CHF 950.-

Performance assessment: CHF 80.-

Materials fees: CHF 95.-

* International students are defined as persons of foreign citizenship who at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification were domiciled under civil law neither in Switzerland nor the Principality of Liechtenstein. This rule applies as of the 2018/9 autumn semester.


  • Bachelor haute école spécialisée HES

Bachelor of Science BFH in Business Administration with Specialisation in [specialisation name]


Master of Science in Business Administration, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Business School

Infos pratiques

Lieu / adresse

  • Berne (BE)

Bern University of Applied Sciences
Business School
Brückenstrasse 73
3005 Bern

Déroulement temporel

Début des cours

Calendar Week 37 (introduction days and welcome week)

Durée de la formation

Full-time: 6 semesters
Work-study, Part-time: 8 semesters

Modalités temporelles

  • À plein temps
  • À temps partiel

Langue d’enseignement

  • anglais


Renseignements / contact

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Business School

Tel. +41 31 848 34 00