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Me connaître - Etape 1: J'identifie mes intérêts, points forts et attentes professionnelles

Professions et formations - Etape 2: J’explore le monde des professions et des formations

Qualités requises et conditions d'admission - Etape 3: Je compare mes points forts avec les qualités requises et les conditions d'admission des métiers

Stages - Etape 4: J’explore en détail les métiers qui m’intéressent le plus

Projet professionnel - Etape 5: J’évalue mes résultats et me décide pour une profession ou une formation

Apprentissage - école - Etape 6: Recherche d'une place d'apprentissage et / ou inscription à une école

Préparation - Etape 7: Je me prépare à ma formation en entreprise ou en école

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Executive MBA in Management & Corporate Finance


Université de Lausanne (UNIL) > Formation continue UNIL-EPFL

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Lieu de formation

Lausanne (VD)

Langue d'enseignement


Type de formation

Formation continue: formations longues - Hautes écoles universitaires HEU

Modalités temporelles

En emploi - A temps partiel

Thèmes de formation

Management, direction

Domaines d'études

Gestion d'entreprise, économie d'entreprise



Mise à jour 15.11.2017


Description de la formation


Corporate Finance

This course provides an analysis of the effects of various corporate financial policy decisions on the valueof the firm, including the effects of taxes, bankruptcy costs and  agency costs on these decisions.

During the course, we will focus on the investment decision , the design of capital structure, and the relation between investment and financing decisions. Other topics will include the market efficiency and the impact of pay-out policy on firm value concepts and techniques in a rigorous way to address real world situations.

Financial Investments

This course is designed to improve the participants’ understanding of the fundamental concepts of security investments and the interaction of corporations with financial markets. There are five main modules in the course:

(1) asset allocation and portfolio optimization,

(2) security valuation/IPOs,

(3) practical portfolio trading strategies,

(4) introduction to derivatives and fixed income,

(5) foreign exchange risk management.

Strategic Taxation Issues

The course intends to provide you with a strong knowledge in corporate tax matters. All types of taxes, in particular income and profit taxes, as well as indirect taxes (VAT), are treated within their business and transactional context. Fiscal issues encountered upon the creation of a company, the relationship between shareholders and their company or issues linked to transactions between related parties are examples of situations analysed.

The course also focuses on transactions, like mergers and acquisitions or the sale of companies (exit) done by ways of IPOs, share and asset deals.


The HEC Lausanne Executive MBA prepares responsible managers and entrepreneurs to generate ideas that impact society. The programme is designed for ambitious professionals who are looking for change: taking on new responsibilities, moving up the ladder or switching career.


Conditions d’admission

  • Hold a university degree or equivalent;
  • A minimum of 5 to 7 years of relevant professional experience*;
  • Fluency in English.

* Minimum of five years after a Master degree and seven years after a Bachelor degree. Internships are not considered. 



CHF 45,000* for the 2018 intake. These include matriculation, examination taxes as well as accommodation, visits and courses of the Abroad Module. Travel expenses and meals are not included.

A non-refundable application fee of CHF 200 applies to candidates who do not hold a Swiss University Degree.

Participants might be required to buy additional books. The estimated cost of books is between CHF 400 and CHF 500.

Diplôme / examen

  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS (incl. MBA, EMBA)

Executive MBA in Management and corporate Finance

Infos pratiques

Lieu / adresse

  • Lausanne (VD)

Déroulement temporel

Début des cours


Durée de la formation

16 months
Classes take place on Fridays and Saturdays every second week, with 3 additional block weeks.

Modalités temporelles

  • En emploi
  • A temps partiel

Langue d’enseignement

  • anglais


Renseignements / contact

HEC Lausanne Executive MBA
University of Lausanne | UNIL
Extranef Building
CH - 1015 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 692 33 91