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Interpreter Training


Université de Genève (UNIGE)

Lieu de formation

Genève (GE)

Langue d'enseignement


Type de formation

Hautes écoles universitaires HEU - Formation continue: formations longues

Modalités temporelles

À temps partiel

Thèmes de formation

Langues, littérature, interprétation

Filières d'études

Linguistique appliquée, traduction, interprétation


7.811.4.0 - 7.811.17.0

Mise à jour 01.09.2020


Description de la formation

DAS Programme:

2 thematic modules build on the skills acquired in the CAS in Consecutive Interpreter Training and the CAS in Simultaneous Interpreter Training and complement these with comprehensive grounding on how to develop and train a note-taking system for consecutive interpreting and how to train simultaneous interpreting with text.

  • Teaching note-taking for consecutive interpreting
  • Teaching simultaneous interpreting with text

MAS Programme:

4 thematic modules build on the skills acquired during the DAS in Interpreter Training enriching them with knowhow in areas required for university-level training of consecutive and simultaneous interpreters. In particular, the testing of aptitude as well as performance, but also feedback and assessment during (extended) training courses, alongside with the main ethical issues encountered in various types of interpreting. Finally, this Master’s degree provides participants with a basic grounding in research methodology necessary to supervise academic student work.

  • Assessment: Potential and Performance
  • Feedback: Content and Form
  • Ethics: Teaching Professional Demeanor
  • Supervising theses: Basic research methods


DAS: Acquire the advanced skills required to understand and successfully train note-based consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting with text.

MAS: Acquire the comprehensive skillset required for successful training of interpreters at university level.


Conditions d’admission

Admission criteria

Successful completion of both the CAS - Simultaneous Interpreter Training and CAS - Consecutive Interpreter Training .


Professional interpreter wanting to develop a comprehensive understanding of note-taking for consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting with text in order to train the next generation of interpreters using systematic teaching methods.


DAS: CHF 2'200.-
MAS: CHF 5'500.-


  • Diploma of Advanced Studies DAS
  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS

DAS - Interpreter Training (30 ECTS credits)
MAS - Interpreter Training (60 ECTS credits )

Infos pratiques

Lieu / adresse

  • Genève (GE)

Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI)
Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 40

Déroulement temporel

Début des cours

DAS: September, every year
MAS: January, every two years

Durée de la formation

DAS: September to December
MAS: January to September

Modalités temporelles

  • À temps partiel

Langue d’enseignement

  • anglais


Related programmes

  • CAS - Simultaneous Interpreter Training 
  • CAS - Consecutive Interpreter Training 


Renseignements / contact

FTI Interpreting Department