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International Business Law - LLM


Université de Fribourg (UNIFR)

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Fribourg (FR)

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Formation continue: formations longues - Hautes écoles universitaires HEU

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À plein temps - À temps partiel

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Mise à jour 18.12.2023


Description de la formation

Le Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) est une formation postgrade donnée par les hautes écoles et elle équivaut à au moins 60 crédits ECTS.

The Fribourg Law Faculty, in co-operation with the Law Faculties of Bern and Neuchâtel, provides you advanced education in international business law, contracts and arbitration, and compliance with the knowledge and skills essential for an international business law career.

The core curriculum of the Fribourg Law LLM in International Business Law offers students numerous options for putting together individualized study modules suited to their own specific needs and interests. Modules can include any combination of curriculum units chosen from a wide variety of offerings:

  • courses  presenting a detailed overview of key areas of business law, from contract law in an international context, to private international law, anti-trust law, tax law, EU institutional law, EU internal market law, WTO law and intellectual property law;
  • specialized courses on law and business in the world's fastest growing economies – in  Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America;
  • cross-disciplinary courses in economics and business anthropology;
  • participation in legal clinics and moot courts;
  • business negotiation training, legal drafting, and other skills-oriented courses and seminars.

Plan de la formation

1 crédit ECTS correspond à environ 25-30 heures de travail.

LLM participants must earn 50 ECTS credits by following courses mentioned in the core curriculum list. They can enhance the value of their LLM by adding courses from the supplementary units list.

Core Modules (fall semester)  
Agency&Distributorship 1
Basics of EU and Public International Law 2
Business anthropology 1
Commercial Arbitration Clinic 4
Consumer contracts 2
Contract law compared 3
Cross Cultural Communication in Law 4
Environmental law and sustainability 2
Insurance contracts 1
International sales of goods 4
International Shipping Law  1
Joint Ventures 1
Legal diversity today : civil and common law 4
Online Platform Regulations 1
Sale of goods act 1
Software liability 1
Core Modules (spring semester)  
Banking and financial markets regulation 2
Commercial Mediation Clinic 4
Competition law 2
Corporate taxation 2
Customs&VAT 1
EU Institutional Law 1
EU Internal Market 2
Global trade compliance 1
Intellectual property law 2
International Contracts compared 5
Investment law 2
WTO Law 2
Extra modules (fall semester)  
Accounting and Internal Controls 2
Compliance investigation clinic 4
Compliance systems 1
Construction contracts 1
Digitalizazion on Compliance  2
Doing business in Africa 2
Doing business in Asia 2
IT Compliance and Cyber-security 2
Global Risk and Pharmaceutical Regulations 2
Insurance Law 2
Sports contracts 2
Software Liability 1
Professional Career Development 2
Extra modules (spring semester)  
Anti-corruption and anti-money laundering 3
Commodity arbitration 1
Commodity trade financing 1
Corporate financing 2
Corporate governance 2
Global Trade Compliance Clinic 4
Human resources compliance 2
Corporate insolvency 1
International commercial arbitration 4
Mergers&Acquisitions 2
Private International Law 2
Product Liability 1
Secured transactions 1
Trusts&Wealth Planning 2


Conditions d’admission

The LLM program in International Business Law was designed to meet the demands of experienced lawyers and recent law graduates of proven ability.

The program is also open to university graduates with degrees in disciplines other than law whose professional experience has prepared them for the study of international business law.


CHF 16'500.-


  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS

LLM in International Business Law

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Lieu / adresse

  • Fribourg (FR)

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Début des cours

Veuillez vous renseigner directement auprès de l'institution responsable.

Durée de la formation

Full-Time : 2 semesters
Part-Time : 2-4 semesters

Modalités temporelles

  • À plein temps
  • À temps partiel

Langue d’enseignement

  • anglais